Our History

Al Ummah Foundation was formed by a group of school friends who have been together for over thirty years. What started off as a brief conversation bordering on fantasy following a reunion dinner and sharing of ideas, quickly progressed to: establishing a vision, a group of board members, team meetings, loyal supporters donors and our first charitable project – the sponsoring of an orphan who was keen to study but needed financial support to continue with confidence. This was priceless and gave us the knowledge and confidence that we can play our part and reach out to many more people by the grace of the Almighty.

Name and Logo change

Al Ummah Foundation was previously known as Ya Ummati Foundation and had different logo. See why we changed our name and logo

Timeline of our history so far……

Projects completed to date..

Hand water pumps Completed.
Active Scholarships
Winter packs for Rohingya


Hand water pump
Installed 6 hand water pumps.
Sponsored 5 students and orphans to commence their education with confidence without fear of any hardship
Winter packs
Provided winter packs to Rohingya refugee camp in bangladesh. Jan 2018


Hand Water pumps
Installed 4 hand water pumps for fresh drinking water and domestic chores for large groups of people who relied on dirty, bacteria infested water from local canals, rivers or ponds.
Sponsored 9 students and orphans to commence their education with confidence without fear of any hardship
Hand water pumps
Donated 10 water pumps to the Rohingya who were driven away from their homes and sought refuge in Bangladesh during an urgent appeal.


Al Ummah Foundation was formed during the blessed month of Ramadan
Support from Friends and Family
Gathered strong and generous support from family and friends who have become regular donors
Identified worthy causes
Identified worthy causes in accordance with AUF beneficiary criteria
First Sponsored Child
Sponsored first orphan child